Everybody Needs A Good Flashlight
or Maybe Four


I started this page 10 years ago to let others know about a good, cheap flashlight I used.  Over the intervening years there've been so many changes the page no longer serves this purpose, but like a government bureaucracy whose usefulness has long expired, it lives on.

Strangely, I've found some people get very emotional about their flashlights.
(Flashlight aficionados call them torches)
Here's my 2 cents worth -- if you disagree tell your friends, please don't write me.

A Lantern

There are LED lanterns.  We lost power for a few days during hurricane Ike and my old fluorescent lantern ate batteries -- I ran out and the store was sold out.  Promptly closing the gate after the horse was gone, I got this RAYOVAC model SE3DLN lantern:

I got it from ACE hardware.  I ordered it online and had it sent to the ACE store five blocks from my house.  It will light a room (though not brightly) and claims to run for almost 6 days (or 12 nights) on three D cells.  I haven't tested this claim.

You can get a more current version on Amazon Here


And now for something different.  I find a headlamp extremely useful.  It allows you to have both hands free and have plenty of light to repair things or grope around it places that would otherwise be dark -- like the attic.

I have an older one that's no longer sold, but this one's cheap and gets good reviews on Amazon.

A really neat keychain flashlight?

This concept is common now, it was unique when I first added the link, but this brand is superior to the cheap versions you see today.  My wife and I both carry one and use it frequently.  You can get them cheaper at Amazon, but be sure you get a Photon brand.  Amazon's really bad about selling knockoff items.

I Like This Light

Refun 600 Lumen Led Cree Xml- T6.  Either mine didn't come with a lanyard or I don't use it.

Some ads warn not to shine it in your eyes or it will do permanent damage.  Who knows if that's just advertising hype, but it's certainly very bright and a nice flashlight (or torch as the flashlight groupies call them).  I use the 18650 but I think the AAAs give the same amount of light.  It uses 3 AAA batteries or one rechargeable 18650 battery.  For a previous flashlight I got these batteries but the charger I got is no longer available. Probably the best deal today (12/10/2018) is this charger which comes with batteries. 

Below is a comparison of the Refun and my earlier Ultrifire C8 which I thought was bright.  You can zoom the lights and I zoomed the Refun smaller to make the spots comparable sizes.  When you zoom back the spot becomes round, the square shape is the shape of the LED.


A Very Convenient Torch
written Dec 2013

I love this flashlight.  I've been  using them for several years.  I have 5 of them in strategic places around the house and another in the car.  They're small and put out a lot of light.  They slip in your pocket easily.  I ordered four more to give as Christmas gifts to friends. 

They're made of aluminum, not plastic, and are water resistant.  They use one AA battery (you can also use a rechargeable lithium 14500 battery). The front knurled area slides back and forth to narrow or widen the beam.  I never narrow the beam but presumably it gets brighter if you do.  Also, it comes with a belt clip, which I removed. 

The one in this picture is my own.  It was the first one I bought and it has three modes -- bright, brighter and strobe (flashing).  I never use the strobe.  I don't need the multi-modes.  In fact I'm often frustrated by inadvertently triggering the other modes, so the other seven I've bought are single mode. The price has increased a little since I bought mine The multi-mode ones cost about $7-$8 and the single mode costs $5-$7.  I bought the single mode ones hereYou can presumably get the 3 mode ones here, but the problem is Amazon has a dozen companies selling these torches and there's a lot of model switching going on, especially if you want the multi-mode model.  Also there are quality control issues -- the four I got work right but if you read the Amazon reviews you'll find that's not always the case.  But, they're so cheap I think the gamble's worth it.  If they don't work right and you're up to it you can return them to Amazon.


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