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Some people on argue that, though the quality of exterior paint is important because of the punishment it has to take, the quality of interior paint isn't very important because it doesn't take much abuse. THAT well known consumer product rating magazine's research suggests this may be true, except for flat paints. Some flat paints have better hiding power and durability. But, if you're putting back the same color and don't expect to have to scrub the walls, you could even go for a no-name flat. As for me, given the amount of work involved, I choose not to gamble on a bad outcome.

When buying paint, keep in mind that dealers have regular sales. Some of the major brand stores have almost continuous sales on one or more of their popular paints. Start watching in advance of the time you plan paint and you could make a substantial savings. Also, even if the paint you plan to use isn't on sale, almost all paint dealers, even Wal-Mart, will often give quantity discounts of up to 15%.

For some guidance and tips on interior painting go here or here (go to the "Learn How column on the right).

These book are old now

I've never seen this book myself but, I've seen it touted on a TV home repair show as a good book for the newbie -- How to Enjoy Interior Housepainting by Richard Boesser ISBN 0962265152. 

And this one:  Paint Your Home: Skills, Techniques, and Tricks of the Trade for Professional Looking Interior Painting  ISBN: 0895778386

If you get either of these books please write and tell me what you thought of it, good or bad.


Note:  Though California Paint and Pratt-Lambert rate high for exterior, they rate low for interior -- weird huh?

Which Paint?
Best/Worst First
Exact product names are important



Behr Premium Plus Enamel (Home Depot)
Valspar Signature Colors (Lowe's)
Olympic Premium (Lowe's)


Color Palace (Walmart)
Freshaire Choice (Home Depot)
2010 Super Scrub Ceramic

Probably the best for most applications


Behr Premium Plus Enamel (Home Depot) [a little glossy]
Benjamen Moore Regal [a little flat]
Kilz Casual Colors (Wal-Mart) [a little glossy]


Sherwin-Williams Harmony
Freshaire Choice (Home Depot)
Color Palace (Walmart)



Benjamen Moore Regal
Sears Best Easy Living Ultra
Valspar Ultra Premium (Lowe's)


Pratt-Lambert Accolade
California 2010 Super Scrub Ceramic
Dutch Boy Home (Walmart)


In March '08 and September '04 the rating matched.  Here they are:

The best brands across types (flat, low-lustrer & semigloss)
Best or Worst First

Kilz Casual Colors (Wal-Mart), Valspar Signature Colors & Ultra Premium[semigloss] (Lowe's), Behr Premium Plus (Home Depot)

The worst brands across types
Worst First

March '08


Sept '04

Olympic Premium Satin (Lowe's), Martha Stewart Everyday Colors (Kmart), Sherwin-Williams, Duron

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