A Request For Your Help
No money involved

Most websites who have links to commercial sites get referral fees if you buy a product after using the link to their products. People regularly offer to do various things for me if I will add a link to their product/service/website.  In order to make it clear my opinions are sincere, I keep my site completely free of commercial/money making activities [except my own InfoMagic program].  I do not accept any referral fees or gifts of any kind.  I make no money from this home repair website.  I do it strictly as a public service.

Unfortunately this "no deals" policy hurts you and others who need the information on this website.  Search engines have begun putting a lot of weight on the number of links others have to a website.  Presumably, this is based on the belief that you must have a good website if a lot of people link to it.  But, it's easy to get a lot of links.  I get a steady stream of requests to "trade links" -- "I'll link to you if you'll link to me."  Commercial websites trade links to pump up their ranking (get them nearer the top of the search results), which in turn pushes this website down the list.  As part of my No Deals policy I chose the places I link to based on whether I think they have information useful you and other users.  I don't "trade" links.  As a result I don't collect many links back to me.  Before the practice of weighting incoming links so heavily, this website had reasonably high rankings in the search engines.  Since the practice began it has steadily fallen in the rankings.  So, in turn, the traffic here is declining.  This means the search engines are directing people like you to commercial websites who are trying to sell you something rather than provide you helpful information.  If the number of users falls far enough it will no longer be worthwhile to invest the effort and expense necessary to maintain the website.  I'm not predicting this, but it's possible.

So, if you found this website useful and if you have your own website or have a good friend who has a website, please consider adding a link to this one.  This will help you and others find this site by moving it higher in the search engine rankings, so you and they are more likely to find it when you need help.  And, it increases the confidence it will be here the next time you need it.


jim evans