Fix Squeaking Floors From Above,
Right Through Carpeting

If a joist is not easily accessible (such as on a second floor), you can still eliminate a squeak, from above the floor, without removing carpeting! It's a simple, 2-step process, and all you'll need is this kit plus a power screwdriver. It's a product named Squeeeeek No More

Using the alignment/depth-control fixture [Figure 1], power-drive one of the specially scored screws through the carpeting, floor and subfloor, into the joist. (Driver stops at exact depth every time.) Use the fixture to break off the screw on the score [Figure 2]. Screws are engineered to break off just below the floor surface.

Several screws in a spiral pattern insure an end to the squeak. Afterward, just fluff up the carpeting and no one will be the wiser. In hardwood floors, minimal filler necessary. Kit includes die-cast zinc fixture; custom 1/4" hex-drive power bit; 50 scored screws (3-long), that break off to 2" long.

These kits cost $30. McFeely's carries a version for hardwood floors (without carpet) which is much cheaper -- $7.50.

Some home centers carry the kits or, you can get them mail order from the following:

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