These are the steps to download data from the NGS database


Go to this NGS webpage.  Then follow these screens:


I'm in Texas, so . . .


On this screen I select only the county and leave all the other defaults.  In this case I'm after brenchmarks in Walker County


After choosing the county you get this page which is only a listing of the benchmarks for the county selected -- in this case Walker county.  Here you select the benchmarks you want data on.  I select them all but not in one batch.  I find that if you select all benchmarks for a county it usually grinds for a long time then times out and you get nothing.  I normally break the number downloaded in a batch to about 20%-25% of the total, but you have to experiment with this.


Then you come to a screen like this.  Press Ctrl-A to select the entire data set.  [I've done that here, that's why it's blue.]  Then press Ctrl-C to copy them all.  After copying them, paste them into a text file like in Notepad.  In this case I call the file Walker.txt.  After this, you add each batch to the file as you copy them.


Once you're finished getting all batches into this text file you're ready to
continue as explained here.