Using Your TomTom for Geocaching
Idiot's Guide to Adding Caches as Points of Interest

(This article was written in about 2006, so it may not apply to the newer TomToms.
If you try it and discover it doesn't please let me know.)

I spent most of a morning figuring this incredibly simple thing out.

Note:  To folks who don't use GSAK

GPS Babel is free and will do the same thing
Click Here to Get GPS Babel

If you have GSAK, export your cache list:

File > Export > TomTom POI Files

This creates a *.ov2 file -- I used the file name "Caches", so mine's "Caches.ov2."  This is the name that will appear on your TomTom Points of Interest screen.

Hookup your TomTom to your computer and turn it on. Go to Start > My Computer -- your TomTom will appear there as another drive.

Copy the ov2 file to the map folder. Mine is named "USA_and_Canada."

Turn the TomTom off and back on and you're good to GO (pun intended) :-)

Note:  To Digital Camera Owners

If you have a card reader you can simply remove the Memory Card from the TomTom in the car, bring the card in the house, put it in the card reader and copy the ov2 file to it as described above. Then return the card to the TomTom and turn it on.

Note Within A Note

You can also use the card reader to do your TomTom updates, so you don't have to remove it from the window mount, and put it on that stupid pedestal

Note Within A Note Within A Note

The TomTom people changed the software to eliminate this ability, so depending on the version you have you may or may not have to use the pedestal