Aunt Emm's Quilt
by jim

I'm now 84 years.  When I was a child "Aunt Emm" was the Evans family matriarch.  I can remember going with my mother to visit her in her sun/sitting room, where Aunt Emm would be in a rocking chair almost always working on some kind of needlework.  My second-cousin Ruth owns this quilt made by Aunt Emm (Her grandmother, who she and her sisters called "Memms").  I don't remember seeing it until about 6 months ago when Ruth asked my wife Jerrianne how to clean it.  We took the quilt to ask the advice of someone more expert in this area than Jerrianne.

News:  We learned about 10 years ago there were two of these quilts. Emma had a set of twin beds and each bed had one of these quilts on it. No one in the family knows what happened to the second one. Emma was a very generous person and it is probable that she gave it to someone.

Quilt made by Emma Ferdinand Evans (Miss Emma) Gerlach, born 1876 in North Carolina, died 1972 in Livingston, Texas.  She lived most of her life in Livingston.

64" x 93"

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