Photographing Your Guild's Quilt Show

Several years ago I photographed Jerrianne's guild's quilt show and we put the photos on the web -- we called it a "Show Tour."  It has became a tradition.  As of this writing you can go here and scroll down to see the Show Tours her guild has done so far.

Once you begin doing this, people expect it, and it's hard to stop, so before you decide to do it, think hard about whether you want to start something you may not be able to stop.  And, consider that it's a lot of work -- at least for a 250 quilt show.  I quit after the one time.  A skill set's required that not everyone has, so it can be difficult to find people who can do it and are willing to do it.  Then, because it's a big job, it's hard to get them to do it more than once.

Often volunteers don't realize the scope of this job, so I was asked to prepare some guidelines for volunteers.

If your guild decides they want to give it a go, click here for the guidelines I've written.