Possible Design for Quilt Photo Stand

For about a year I've been imagining this method for people who have the space to store a large frame like this, or who have to/want to shoot outdoors.

I have only imagined this device.  I have never made one, so try it at your own risk.  If you make one tell me how it worked and any changes you'd suggest. 

First, here's the stand-up version:

Each foot extends 2 feet in every direction from its  center for a total width of 4 feet.  Because the connecting piece in the center is a larger diameter than the tube, some kind of spacer will have to be attached to the bottom of the tubes to keep it from wobbling.

I would glue the frame together, and the pieces of the feet, but I would not glue the feet to the frame so they can be removed for easier storage.  NOTE:  I've been told the 5 way cross sockets I envisioned for making the foot do not exist.  Since I've never tried to buy them I don't know.


It uses the same foam insulation I used on the design wall (Link), and I'd cover it with white flannel like the design wall.  If/when it is used outside I'd get some concrete blocks to put on the feet so it won't blow over, but I think a better approach for outside is shown below. 

I would tilt/lay it down (see top view) to attach the quilt.


I like this solution better for shooting outside.