The Traveling Quilter

Jerrianne's traveling rig is a mobile tool chest and miniature ironing board that fits on top of the tool chest.   The tool chest is made by Stanley/Zag.  She bought it at WalMart for about $25-$30.  [Note:  This model is no longer sold in the US.]  I didn't come up with the idea of adding an ironing board top, but this one is my design.  I occasionally think of staining it to make it look better but . . .  --  jim

The ironing board is made from 1/4" plywood with a frame (I call it a fence) on the bottom to keep the board flat and hold it in position on the tool chest.  The cover is muslin with elastic around the edge to slip it on the board.  There's cotton batting between the muslin and the plywood.

The yellow tray in the bottom right of the picture fits into the top section above the fabric.  The chest provides for 5 levels of storage.  Her sewing machine only permits using four of them.