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111B Glenda Warren -- Chenille Jacket

Wearable Art. Not judged.
Hand appliqued, Machine pieced. 2002.

I made this from an old bedspread I bought at quilt festival.

111A Beverly Garvin -- Peace and Quiet

Wearable Art. Judged.
Machine quilted, Machine appliqued. 2002.

I made it for my daughter, Patricia.
Pattern -  North Woods Jacket by Eileen's Design Studio

111E Margaret Horton -- The Ribbon Seller

Doll. Judged. 2002.

Needle sculpted face and body. Costumed as a harem girl. All hand made. 

111D Leona Hufstetler-- Monique - Gets married!

Doll. Judged. 2002.

Monique - A French Bed Doll by Elinor Piece Bailey

111C Lea Ann Ferring -- Mermaid 1

Doll. Judged. 2002.

I wanted to make a doll that went along with the Mayfest theme so naturally, I chose a mermaid. I have a lot to learn about needle sculpting but she was a lot of fun to make!! I love to embellish. Original Design.


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