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115A Marian Kush -- Petal Play

Pieced quilt or wall hanging (less than twin size). Judged.
28 x 28 inches. Machine quilted, Machine pieced. 2002.

These flowers are growing in a perfect garden. Wish my garden grew this precise.

115B Georgann Wrinkle -- Still Life Kaffe Style

Mixed technique quilt or wall hanging (less than twin size). Judged.
36 x 24 inches. Machine quilted, Machine appliqued, Machine pieced. 2002.

This bouquet of flowers was inspired by the beautiful fabric, by Kaffe Fassett, I bought at the Houston Quilt Festival. The method I used is called broderia purse which is making flowers by using the actual printed flowers from the fabric.

115C Faith Baker -- Long May She Wave

Mixed Technique (less than twin size). Not judged.
29 x 29 inches. Hand quilted, Hand appliqued, Machine pieced. 2002. 


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