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308 Tabbitha H, Katherine Herbert & Glenda Warren -- Fairy Quilt

Group quilt. Not judged.
88 x 94 inches. Machine quilted, Hand appliqued, Machine pieced. 2002.

During Spring Break Tabbitha expressed interest in learning to quilt. She and I (grandma) began her Fairy Quilt. Tabbitha designed it, measured her bed, computed the size each block needed to be and chose her fabrics. We enlarged pictures of Fairies from Mary Cecily Baker's book and grandma hand appliqued the center medallion. Mom (Katherine Herbert) colored the fairies around the medallion and both Katherine & Glenda appliqued the flowers. Tabbitha did all the machine work. This is a 3 generational quilt. It is machine quilted by JoLynn O'Neil.

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