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505B Alyssa F -- Happy Pups

Quilt made by a child (under 16 years old). Judged.
28 x 28 inches. Machine quilted, Machine appliqued, Machine pieced. 2001.

This is the second quilt I have made in a quilting class, taught by Ruth Droll. Then, I procrastinated on it for a year, then suddenly I got the interest to finish it in December 2001. This quilt is dedicated to my "happy" and loving family and friends.

505A Erin K -- Like mother, Like daughter

Quilt made by a child (under 16 years old). Judged.
33 x 34 inches. Machine quilted, Machine pieced. 2002.

I had a great time collecting fabrics while on vacation for this wall hanging. I borrowed my grandmother's templates to help in cutting. This is my first go at machine quilting. I imagine this wall hanging to be a picture of mother fish swimming with their daughter. From Peaky & Spike by Doreen Speckman


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