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These places say they will help you diagnose your problem.  The first three places are associated in some way I don't understand.  The last time I hunted for help at the second and third places they weren't very helpful, but I didn't spend a lot of time trying.  Here's a appliance repair forum associated with this website.  Takes about a day to get a reply from a very helpful guy whose username is jeff1, but I've gotten solutions to a refrigerator problem, a gas dryer problem, a clothes washer problem, a microwave problem and a range problem here.  I'm impressed.

I ordered a part from this website in June 2013.  They were pleasant on the phone shipped prompted and had the best return/replacement policy I've run across. - [Note: I asked this place for help finding a part number for my failed air conditioner indoor fan relay.  When they didn't reply in two days (other than an autoreply form email saying they'd answer within 24 hours), I sent a follow-up with my case number asking if they intended to help me.  They never bothered to answer either inquiry.  I won't be using them again.]

Another appliance repair website with some repair guides (slide to the bottom of the page)


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